Friday October 12, 2018

1. 11:00 - 12:00  Check in at the official hotel Los Olivos in Playa Fañabe, Costa Adeje

Athletes will register together with their supporter. Bibs numbers for the athlete and a batch for the supported. The supporter´s batch allows him to enter the transition zones and gives the supporter permission to pick up his athletes material. Only supporters with a batch are allowed to enter the transition zones.

At the check-in you receive:

• 1 Starting number 

• 1 Swim cap 

• 1 Bike tag to put around the bike frame 

• 1 Car sticker, to be placed on the supporter car 

• Wristband for the athlete and his supporter for the Finisher ceremony on Sunday at Le Club in Playa Fañabe. It includes a paella for lunch. Aditional wristbands for family and friends can be buy. 

12:00 Briefing 

Briefing in the official hotel. It is mandatory for every athlete and supporter to attend the briefing on Friday! We will inform you about important details,  weather, water temperature, any changes, etc. After the briefing, we will be happy to answer all your remaining questions.

Saturday October 13, 2018 SOUTHMAN DAY  



Beware La CALETA is 10min distance by car from Playa Fañabe

Between 3:30 and 4:20 you can first prepare the transition zone together with your supporter and then register for the swim. It is also possible that the supporter takes over the preparations in T1. After 4:00 bikes can no longer be deposited in the transition zone. The bike has to be marked with the bike tag. 

5.00am START OF THE SOUTHMAN XTREME TRIATHLON 2018 The athletes are asked to enter the water and line up 10 min before the start. Several kayaks and Stand Up Paddle will build the starting line and make sure that all swimmers find their way to Playa Fañabe. 

TRANSITION T1 PLAYA FAÑABE: SWIM - BIKE Only the athlete Supporter with the badge is allow  to enter the transition zone. The supporter is allowed to assist his athlete in the transition zone. He can help to take off the wetsuit and put on clothes. He is also responsible to take with him all the belongings from his athlete. Wetsuit, swim cap, etc. The tranzition area must be clean when the supporter leaves.

Cut off time for the swim is at 7:00am. The athlete musta leave the t1 before 7:15am

5:55 - 18:55 BIKE Athletes must wear their number visible on the back during the whole bike course. It's not allowed to switch the bike during the race. If a change of the bike is unavoidable due to technical problems, which cannot be fixed, this has to be reported to the race crew. 

It is the responsibility of the athlete to find the correct route. The route is only marked on the most important points. There are no food stations on the bike course. Athletes are fully dependent on their supporter. Remember to bring warm clothes: you would be going above 2.000 meters and going down can be chilly.   

SUPPORTER MEETING POINTS ON THE BIKE COURSE The possible supporter meeting points are illustrated on the road maps. We strongly ask you to stick to the parking slots indicated on the map and to plan with these exclusively. Space on the mountain road is very limited! For the safety and comfort of the athletes we want to avoid generating additional traffic from support cars passing the athletes over and over again.


• No drafting

• The traffic rules have to be strictly obeyed!!! 

• Supporters must give the right of way to the athletes. 

• It is not allowed to drive directly in front, behind or next to the athlete. Proceed directly to the next meeting point. 

• The athlete is also not allowed to take anything from the riding car.

 • It is mandatory to have your bike equipped with front and back lights. 

• Athletes must carry a mobile phone during the entire bike course to be reachable for their support crew and vice versa. Headsets are not allowed and will lead to immediate disqualification. Athletes have to stop on the side of the road for phone calls!

It would be nice that all athletes and supporters help each other out in case of any problems. 

TRANSITION T2 El Parador del Teide: BIKE - RUN  

Only the supporter with the badge is allow  to enter the transition zone. The supporter is allowed to assist his athlete in the transition zone. The transition must take place in the official transition zone. 19:00 pm is the last possibility to leave the transition zone!


It´s a self sufficient run, although the athlete may recive help from his supporter. The supporter is allow to run with his athlete the entire run. 

They must carry  water, energy bars or food, warm clothes, wind stopper, gloves, scarf or cap, light torch and a telephone with enough battery.

Anyway after km 15 in Samara it is a must the athlete and supporter go together. 

There would be an aid station at la Rambleta, in the Telecabine at 3.500m.

Supporters can be change at La Rambleta. This point can be reached by the Telecabine, but the last service to go up it is at 16:00pm. In case supporters want to take turns the 2nd supporter must take the Telecabine before 16:00pm and waits for his athlete. The telecabine is under your own cost. 

At La Rambleta the first 50 athletes and their supporters would be allow to climb ub to the summit of the Teide Vocano at 3.718m. Once they reach the crater they would be given a present :)

From La Rambleta to the Finish line there are 14km and 1.500m elevation lost. 

The courses can be change that is why it is mandatory supporters and athletes assist to the briefing the day before the Southman. 

The Day after, 14 October 2018

The Finisher ceremony will be held at  12:00pm at Le Club, in Fañabe Beach. We will have a delicious paella and time to enjoy and talk about our experiece as Southmen. Athletes, supporters and staff will be taken a picture to always remember the first Southmen in history. 

The finisher t-shirts will be given in the ceremony.

We would love to have you all with us, as new Southmen and friends.