It is very important to read and understand the Southman Xtreme Triathlon rules before you register. Make sure your support team do it too.

Before the race read me one more time, the manual is subject to adaptations, changes and additions.

The course of the SOUTHMAN has a similar distance to "IRONMAN" , this is to say 3.800m. swim 180 road bike and 42km running.  Not much difference in the distances but we can assure you there would be BIG difference in your finish time. 

The bike leg total ascend reaches the 5.000m. and the run gets around the 2.000 meters. Only the first 50 athletes arriving to the base of the Teide Volcano at 3.500m. above sea level would be allow to reach the top at 3.718m. Reaching the top is not the end. The finish line is in the same place for everyone, but there would be a different entrance for the 50 athletes that reached the top. 

Southman will expose your body to hours of fatigue, but there is still another cause of exhaustion you should count with.  This is the altitud sickness. Running over the 3.500 meters above sea level is not a kids game, and you should be prepare with adequate training. No doubt the lack of oxygen would be rewarded by the breathtaking views. It is like running in the moon with views to the Atlantic Ocean and the others Canary Islands.

The Southman Xtreme Triathlon is a long distance triathlon adventure. Your goal is to finish regardless of the time. It is not a competition, it is a challange that we all share together between athletes, supporters, partners and volunteers. We want you to be part of this new family and help us create a great atmosphere.  It would be an unforgettable Triathlon experience for all of us. We have designed the best possibly itinerary surrounded by beautiful landscapes across the beautiful island of Tenerife getting in the heart of the Teide National Park.


  1. The race starts in La Caleta and Playa Fañabe, Adeje, in the South of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, on Saturday, 13 october 2018 at 05:00 am.
  2. The entry fee starts at EU 295. 
  3. We have a maximum of 50 slots. They are given by order of registration.
  4. You will need a valid license from your national triathlon federation or pay 20 euros extras for the one day license.  This payment must be done the day before the race when taking your bib number. 
  5. Each athlete needs his personal, registered supporter, who can communicate with the SOUTHMAN Crew in English or Spanish. Participation is prohibited without a registered supporter. The supporter is personally responsible for his athlete during the entire day. There will be only one official and registered supporter. Only one supporter vehicle, which will be marked accordingly, is allowed per athlete! Both athletes and supporters must follow traffic rules with no exception!   
  6. For security reasons, the athlete must carry a mobile phone during the bike and running leg so he is accessible to his supporter. Headsets are not allowed on the bike, the athlete must stop out of the road to take or make a phone call. 
  7. It is the responsibility of the supporter to feed his athlete for the entire duration of the bike and running legs. Details and a map with convenient meeting points would be found in the SOUTHMAN Roadbook. A month before the race we will have the roadbook available. Supporters should not drive directly in front of, next to, or behind the athlete, and the athlete may not accept anything from the moving car. At no time may he sit in the car while it is on move. 
  8. Whoever wants to be a true SOUTHMAN finisher does not draft!  Cheating is up to you. We believe you want to challenge yoursel following the rules
  9. The running path is not accessible by car. The supporter is allowed to park his car only in parking spots designated as meeting points in order to take care of his athlete. It is allowed to accompany the athlete by foot. 
  10. Hiking sticks are not allowed during any part of the running leg. 
  11. There is a medical checkpoint in El Portillo, in the bike to run transition. Athletes must follow any decision of the doctors. 
  12. It is mandatory that the supporter accompanies his athlete by foot after km 15. The supporter must have a functioning phone with the registered athlete number on him. Supporters and athletes can only pass the checkpoint equipped with a backpack with food, warm clothing, and a flash- or headlight. 
  13. The supporter must be a fit runner, he or she should be able to run for the last 20km with a 2.000m elevation gain and gong over the 3.700m above sea level.  
  14. If an athlete has to quit the race early, the SOUTHMAN crew must be informed by phone.
  15. On Sunday morning, the awards ceremony will be held at Le Club at mid day 12.00pm in Playa Fañabe.  Each finisher and their official supporter will receive the SOUTHMAN-Tshirt. In memory of an unforgettable experience all finishers and supporters will be immortalized in a group photo. Then athletes, supporters and organization crew will enjoy a paella and some cold beers.


  1. The SOUTHMAN follows the rules of WTC. No referees are provided. We call upon your own responsibility.  We assume a fair sportsman respects nature and other SOUTHMAN participants. We take for granted that you will finish the course with the virtue of only your own strength. 
  2. The bike leg is open to traffic. Remember always to obey traffic rules.
  3. It is up to you and your support team to push as far as you can. You know your limits, but there is nothing more important than your safety and so is our duty to recomend you to stay cool and think smart before going to far. We know is hard to stop, but life still continues and if you don´t make it any year it would be the next or the following. Please remember that if the doctor or anyone from the SOUTHMAN medical crew or staff orders you to stop you should obey the order. We will reserve you a slot for the next year !
  4. On Sunday morning we will come together again to get the finisher and supporter shirt and to celebrate the fastest men and women of the SOUTHMAN. Your applause is the reward for their outstanding performance. 
  5. Athletes and supporters are obligated to help other participants. 
  6. There is no prize money. The prize is to finish and we hope to make from this day a life experience and an unforgettable memory for you and your support team.


Responsibility of the supporter

  1. It has to be clear for the support team that there will be NO SUPPORT  to the athlete available along the bike path and only very limited support provided by the organizer will be available on the running course. 
  2. Therefore every athlete needs his own supporter, who accompanies and feeds him on the bike and running course. Without a registered supporter no athlete will be granted a number. 
  3. The registered supporter will take on every responsibility for the supervision of the athlete. He must be able to communicate with the SOUTHMAN Crew in either  Spanish or English. When athletes register, they also have to provide information about their supporter. This way, we are able to provide not only the athlete, but also the supporter with all important information we send by email during the year. The supporter can be exchanged any time until the SOUTHMAN. 
  4. ONLY ONE SUPPORTED VEHICLE IS ALLOWED PER ATHLETE. In this car several people may accompany and support the athlete. It will be marked by the SOUTHMAN CREW. 
  5. Mandatory accompaniment on foot for the last 20km of the run. We will tell you once we know whether we do the run circuit one way or the other.  It is mandatory for safety reasons that the supporters accompany the athletes on foot. After an unforgettable day, the supporter crosses the finish line together with his athlete. 
  6. Supporter Tshirt.  As part of the team ans this adeveture they will receive an official supporter SOUTHMAN-tshirt on Sunday. Two supporters-tshirts team will be issued per athlete. The desired sizes of the supporter-tshirts will already be ordered at registration. The size cannot be changed with an eventual change of supporter at a later time. Additional SOUTHMAN-tshirts can be bought during the SOUTHMAN end ceremony on sunday.


  1. Medical Crew The medical crew may at any time remove an athlete from continuation, in case of medical or health issues. Continuation of the SOUTHMAN on personal responsibility is not possible. 


  1. Rules for Cancellation of registration. To protect the SOUTHMAN against financial loss the following rules apply to cancellation: 
  2. If you cancel for any reason up to July 31, 2018: The entry fee will be refunded with a deduction of EUROS 150. 
  3. If you cancel until August 31, 2018: The entry fee will be refunded with a deduction of EUROS 200. 
  4. If you cancel after September 15, 2018,  The entry fee will be refunded with a deduction of EUROS 250.  
  5. No refund would be done for cancelations after September 15, 2018, unless you bought the cancelation insurance.
  6. The "cancelation insurance" guarantees you the full refund of your registration fee whatever the reason. 
  7. The cancelation insurance has a cost of 40 euros. The only must is to inform the Southman Crew before october 5, 2018. Just a week befored day.


The number distribution and briefing will take place on Friday afternoon, October 12 2018 at 12:00pm

Friday arrival is mandatory to be able to start. Friday arrival is also compulsory for the supporters because the athletes need to register at the number distribution together with their supporters. Presence at the official SOUTHMAN briefing is mandatory!

We will tell you where the briefing will be held when we get closer to the event day. Probably in the hotel Los Olivos in Fañabe Beach, Costa Adeje.


There are big chances the SOUTHMAN XTREME TRIATHLON will be held under the sun. 

The climate in the Canary Islands is warm. Around 25º - 30º at day time in the coast, but be aware you will spend most of the time between 2.200m and 3.500m. above sea level.

Swimming  The average water temperature expected is about 25º C this time of the year. 

Run. Hopefully we will have a sunny day, but we wiil be running high, about 2.200m above sea level for more than 20km and at least 15km above 3.000m. So it is mandatory to take with you some warm clothes, like a buff and a wind jacket, especially if the wind appears. 

And the most important of all SOLAR CREAM

Anyway this is something that we will know better the day before the race in the briefing.